Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comments from a Daily Camera Posting, (Colorado)

Read more: Second trial begins for Joseph Cardillo, accused Niwot urine-drinker - Boulder Daily Camera http://www.dailycamera.com/news/ci_15804453#ixzz0wufWcqg3

These are by different people, at various time in thread. It caught my eye though:

Person 1 -"So to recap we now have: The Niwot Urine Drinker, The Superior Dog Kicker and the Louisville Safeway Meat Beater.
Person 2 - "don't forget the king soopers dancing leprechaun!
Person 3 -"And Flaming Couches
Person 4 - "an't forget the grandpa who put a pipebomb in his car with his own grandchildren in the backseat!
Person 5 - "f r e a k
(I would like to point out that the person commenting with "freak" says this after the grandpa pipe bomb,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

hmm. Reality can be petty in contrast to others.

That googling people is vague, obscure and truncated. That friends are friends not matter the distance. That being a single parent is filled with rewards, peace and a clean house, but lonely at night/ the evenings.

That the REI garage sale IS awesome, don't miss it if you get a chance to go. That if you leave your lights on in the car, it will not start hours later and if you lock your bike up somewhere... leave.... and voila, it doesn't , magically appear back at home you actually need to go get it yourself.

That a smile is worth more than a million frowns. That someone will always be excited to take your child to a water park. That the laundry doesn't to itself, but someday you can teach your children how.

The following photos were taken in Gaza eariier this week. A wonderful, beautiful soul and friend is there as a nurse through a Swedish company, VIA the UN. Her name is Jen B. and she is from Baton Rouge. Her courage to seek new experiences and to help others is unmeasurable and inspiring.

That some children in Gaza don't have shoes, carry pails and live with trash on the coast of the MED. That horse drawn buggies still exist, the people do care, and that Israel must end its embargoes and control over the Gaza Strip. That Israel must stop building settlements, "don't you have enough land already?". Palestine is a country and should be its own country.

Israel is greedy. The smartest man next to Churchill supported a Jewish state as I do, but not one as violent and bully based as the current Israel. He choose not to lead it, and I wonder if it was because he new the future blood on his hands would negate his life's work as a physicists. ?

A very wise man, once turned down becoming the next president of Israel. His name was ... Albert Einstien. ...Albert Einstein, a Jew but not an Israeli citizen, was offered the presidency in 1952 but turned it down, stating "I am deeply moved by the offer from our State of Israel, and at once saddened and ashamed that I cannot accept it.

Alber E.said once: " "The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible."l

Thursday, August 12, 2010

That crawfish claws can be....

BLUE! Of course I was just biking along the Boulder Creek trail this evening and stopped to have a chat with my son, Remi about the world and his relationship thus far with it.... and all of a sudden... a GIGANTIC blue crayfish wooshed past. I said to Remi, "Did you see that?" I unbuckled my shoes and jumped in, carefully stuck my and the creek, and attempted to grab the bugger. I had a little girlish moment, but as I am MOM, I had to try to catch it. In the end, about 4 minutes later, and amassing a small group on the side of the creek, I resurrected a 6 inch crayfish with bright blue 3.5 cm claws and a light blue under belly. (ps, I used sticks.) I did end up picking him up once I flung him to dry land, showed it to Remi and found a nice release spot. Fun.

I googled crayfish and Boulder Creek and found this old PDF article. This is just a bit of text from it. Enjoy!

University of Illinois
It is possible to assign certain species quite definitely to
some type of habitat. The burrowing species obviously have a
great advantage over the other forms in the matter of distribu-
tion as they are able to occupy territory which is not available
for others, except at certain seasons. C. diogenes Girard is the
most widely distributed species of the genus, occurring in
Boulder Co., Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
and in southeastern Wyoming, in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and
Michigan; in New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia,
North and South Carolina; and in Mississippi and southern
Louisiana. C. carolinus long known from only the Appalachian
region of Virginia is now known to occur in northeastern
Indian Territory, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
Among the species that appear to be confined to mountain
streams may be mentioned C. bartonii Fabricius (common in
West Virginia), C. longulus (also found in West Virginia),
C. extraneus, C. spinosus, C. acuminatus and C. forceps. It is
interesting to note the range in altitude as well as in longitude
and latitude. C. diogenes Girard has been reported from
Boulder County, Colorado and also southern Louisiana. I have
observed a blue phase of C. carolinus dubius Faxon at an
elevation of approximately 4500 feet at Spruce Knob, West
Virginia, and also 2400 feet near Cass, West Virginia.