Saturday, April 6, 2013

That OMing is a real thing and very good for the soul.... Learning OM and sustaining an OM practice is usually best done in and around a community of other people who also have an OM practice. The OM Circle is a group practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) where people can OM, meet other people who OM, and receive individual guidance on their practice from a Certified OM trainer. Whether you're OMing for the first time or have been OMing for a while, the OM Circle is a clean, clear place where you can come and participate in group, OM practice. It's run just like an OM that you would do on your own. You and your partner set up a nest, have a 15-minute OM and time to ground and share frames. During the OM Circle, our certified OM Trainer will keep time, as well as come by to give you verbal adjustments to enhance your OM experience. Afterwards, have time to talk and get to know other people who participate in the practice of OM and purchase the supplies necessary to build an optimal OM experience. The OM Circle Requirements: All practitioners must have a mandatory OM Badge. Purchase HERE. Bring your own nest supplies (pillows, blanket, yoga mat, lube, gloves) Rent nest supplies for $5 Lube can be purchased on site All OM Circles last 45 minutes (set up + 15 minute OM + ending) Please come with an OM Partner (you can find one in advance on the OM Hub) Cost: Free Want an OM circle in your City? Email us:

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